GRABBERS (John Wright, 2012) viewed on 2/2/13


Starring: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey

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Lisa (Bradley) is a young police officer from Dublin who has been sent to a small island called Erin Island to cover the holiday of the chief constable. She has to work with the local police officer called Ciaran (Coyle) who warns her that the island is extremely dull and the only thing all the islanders have to do is to get extremely drunk every night. Suddenly the island is attacked by monsters from out of space that suck the blood out of their victims and slowly villagers are killed. However both Ciaran and Paddy (a local alcoholic fisherman) are attacked but survive. They then discover that these ‘grabbers’ are allergic to alcohol, and that the only way to defend themselves against these creatures is to be extremely drunk, so they organise an all night lock in at the village pub.

The horror comedy genre is an extremely bloated one and it is hard to bring anything new to it, and so I watched this with low expectations. However, Grabbers was a pleasant surprise as it is very watchable and has the right balance of gore and humour. This film knows it place and doesn’t ever try to be something it is not. This is however to its credit and while certainly no exceptional masterpiece, Grabbers is a very entertaining 90 minutes and if you are looking for something easy to watch, this would certainly fit that bill.

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