RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (Paul W.S. Anderson, 2012) viewed on 2/3/13

resident evil retribution


Starring: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez

You may like this if you liked: Resident Evil 1-4 (2002-2010) anything loud with lots of guns.

Well, everyone’s favourite skin tight leather wearing mutant zombie fighter Alice (Jovovich) has to pretty much do what she always does for 90 minutes. This time she first finds herself at home with her daughter and husband, but then they are attacked by the usual menagerie of mutant zombies. Alice then wakes up to find herself a prisoner in an Umbrella Corporation research facility buried deep underground beneath the snow and ice in, yes you guessed it, Russia! It seems all research facilities are in Russia, maybe there are good tax breaks! Alice is then informed by arch enemy Wesker that a team has been sent in to find her. They do and they basically spend the entire film trying to escape this research facility that is pretty much as big as the whole of Russia. Also, just to confuse us even more, this includes simulations of whole cities and characters from the first film turning up occasionally.

The definition of ‘retribution’ courtesy of Punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved. Please Paul WS Anderson, what exactly did we do to you to deserve such an apparently fully deserved punishment? The title cannot refer to the narrative or plot of the actual film, as they are pretty much nonexistent. The first time there is some actual plot is right at the very end, which basically leaves part 5 as an advert for the inevitable part 6. Or maybe it is the case that when Mr. Anderson wanted to not simply call this Resident Evil 5 he picked a random noun from the dictionary. Who knows?

The fact is, this was not a film made to win any awards (though it may have received razzies), and it just is what it is. It is basically a very loud migraine inducing 90 minutes of gore and guns. Anyone who has seen previous instalments will know exactly what to expect and to give Retribution it’s due, it does not disappoint in that respect. I will confess I was not bored, and if all you want is mindless violence with very little actual plot holding all the big set pieces together then this fits the bill perfectly. It is a shame about the ending though as this is where there is a little bit of actual plot, but then an extremely abrupt ending where no doubt Resident Evil: Insert Random Noun Here Ending in …tion will pick up from, oh Mr. Anderson you big tease!

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1 Response to RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (Paul W.S. Anderson, 2012) viewed on 2/3/13

  1. Victor De Leon says:

    These films are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me since I do love loud, big, dumb action movies with a lot of guns every once in a while. I have this one lined up to watch. I’ve started viewing them again in order. Good review and I like the page!

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