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As much of an alliterative and moderately punchy use of my surname Burford’s Big Bad Blog may be, it is a bit of a mouthful and slightly cheap and tacky. In fact it was always only ever intended to be a temporary name until I found something a little bit more appropriate. Indeed, I am not sure about everyone else, but I found figuring out an appropriate name for my blog/website one of the most challenging things. After all, you want it to both to stand out but also sum up your unique approach to something that millions of people do, and having a search engine friendly word in there can also be a bonus!

Well, to those of you that follow my film reviews and rants, first of all a thousand thank yous for following, clicking on and maybe even reading my film ramblings, and when I post a new review you will now get emails saying it is from The Cinema Cynic. As I am quite hard to please, slightly snobbish and frequently go off on a bit of a rant if a film really annoys me, this seems quite an appropriate title. It is also alliterative (tacky) and has a search engine friendly word in it, both bonuses. I will also at some point make the effort to make it look a bit more flashy than it currently does, maybe even with a pretty picture and everything! Maybe.

Transformers Beijing Premiere

I do feel compelled to point out that I of course never intend to hate or slag off a film for the sake of it, and I always enter with an open mind (even if it does star Adam Sandler), but it seems there are an increasing number of films to get angry about these days! Or maybe I am just indeed getting more cynical!

confused sandler

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An extremely passionate and (semi) opened minded film reviewer, with a hint of snobbish.
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