The Pleasure of Cinema Popcorn and the Displeasure it causes


Everybody loves to eat something while watching a movie, whether that’s popcorn, sweets, nachos, nuts, anything at all that will keep your hands and jaw occupied to help calm the nerves and suspense that is transferred by the film on show.

However, even though the pleasure of that eating process while at the movie theatre is notable and part of a lot of people’s routine at the movies, it is rather irritating for others, who cannot ignore the sound of crashing popcorns and nachos, and end up focusing on the thing that’s annoying them the most rather than the movie itself. Not to mention how bad it is when someone is near the bottom of the popcorn bag and starts to scrape those last few bits.

The cinema, becomes a house of pain, for the better part of 15 minutes (the average time one takes to finish all the snacks…

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An extremely passionate and (semi) opened minded film reviewer, with a hint of snobbish.
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