GANGSTERS, GUNS AND ZOMBIES (Matt Mitchell, 2012) – viewed on 10/4/13

gangsters guns and zombies

Starring: Not a single name anyone would recognise, unless you knew them personally

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Well, not the most subtle title is it? The title is essentially the plot, but if you are intrigued (and you obviously are) then I will tell you the ‘plot’: Everyone appears to know about zombies now, so when the un-dead start appearing, no one really cares anymore. However, ever the opportunist, Tony has a plan to rob a bank and hide, what better time to do that than in a zombie outbreak? Q (no I don’t know why either) is the getaway driver on his first job, just wanting to get paid and hide from the zombies. Things seem to be going to plan; so Q, Tony and his gang that are basically a list cockeney geezer stereotypes, head to the safe house. However, here comes the shock, things start to wrong: One of the gang has been shot and is bleeding to death, the safe house is patrolled by police, the zombie outbreak is becoming an actual apocalypse, petrol is running out and one of them really needs a piss. Can our bunch of stereotypical loveable cockney rogues survive?

So here we go again, another zombie horror comedy. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have a lot to answer for! Well, the idea of everyone being so over familiar with zombies due to too many films, and when it actually happens no one is actually shocked, is actually quite an interesting idea that has potential to be very funny. However, that lasts for about ten minutes. After this the plot is essentially stereotypical cockney gangster caricatures swearing, shouting and shooting at zombies, as well as each other.

This film is obviously intended to be a comedy, and I did actually find it very funny. However this was possibly not for the reasons the makers intended.  The dialogue and acting is so poor and unimaginative that it is impossible not to laugh all the way through, but AT not WITH. The plot is minimal, but because of laughing at the characters so much, they actually become likeable. However, this film obviously had a small budget, but it appears after an hour they appear to run out of money (maybe ideas too) and the final thirty minutes are incredibly dull, non eventful and forgettable. The makers are obviously trying desperately to make a cult classic, but they have not.

Does it fit in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category? Not quite. Though I did laugh AT it, this is just terrible in every way without actually any redeeming features. Would alcohol help? Without a doubt, but it would still not be enough as this would simply feel like a waste of 90 minutes of your life, and time is of course precious. In a genre that has become extremely overpopulated, there are much much better alternatives to this such as last year’s surprisingly half decent Cockneys vs. Zombies. Though there was definitely potential for this to be fun, trust me, just avoid this as there is always a better alternative.

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