ENTOURAGE: THE MOVIE (Doug Ellin, 2015) 1/10


Starring: Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly

Genre: Comedy

Movie star Vincent Chase (Grenier) now has everything he ever wished for, but when former agent and now studio head Ari Gold (Piven) asks Vincent to be the lead in his first big budget film as studio head, Vincent demands to also direct. However, with the film now over budget and Ari’s bosses demanding changes to the film, Vincent struggles to avoid having to make compromises that are against his better judgement.

I think it is important to establish a few facts; I have never seen a single second of a single episode of the TV series. However it is more important to establish that after having to suffer the film, I am glad I haven’t seen the TV series, because if the characters in the TV series are depicted in a way that is even remotely near as vile and repulsive as the way they are depicted in the film then I would quite literally lose faith in all humanity (and that sometime hangs by a thread anyway).

So, for those of you that are huge fans of the TV series and are even contemplating saying to me that if I were to watch the TV series I would ‘get’ these characters and like them; even if they had put a stop to famine in Africa and established eternal world piece during the TV series, they are still abhorrent and nauseating characters for the entire vomit inducing 104 minutes of this thing that has somehow been allowed to be called a ‘film’.

We are all pretty much aware of the fact that Hollywood is the global centre of vanity and greed, but Entourage: The Movie seems to want to embrace all these nasty and vile ideologies that went out of date many decades ago, and what is even worse is that it expects us to want to be part of that. From the off all we are shown is grotty and nasty images of yachts, expensive cars, mansions and women in bikinis and the main characters just acting in the most repulsive way possible. It then gets worse as we get to see some of the film Vince is making, and it looks absolutely terrible.

At this point I remembered that this is apparently a feature length film, so I was therefore clinging to the fact there must be character arcs and the main protagonists are surely going to come unstuck and realise that not only is the film that they have made awful, but they are also equally awful human beings.

Well, I of course try to avoid spoilers in reviews, but there are no characters arcs to be found here; the repugnant characters never see the error of their ways and apparently the film they are making is a masterpiece and anyone who challenges this is in fact the bad guy. Though ever character, whether they part of ‘entourage’ or not are deplorable. The depths this film gradually sinks to as it goes along are pretty much indescribable.

This film must be a satire as surely no writers, directors or actors can have a mind-set so hideously vile to even attempt to think that these characters are worth routing for? I suspect that the writers have so little respect for the intelligence or indeed morals of anyone watching this film that it is not actually a satire, and that being the case it is made with the most appalling ideologies. Just so I do not lose faith in humanity completely and fro my own sanity, I will secretly convince myself it is actually a satire.

Then of course we have the endless list of cameos of various famous names from various industries; all sorts of random names turn up long enough to embarrass themselves. Then there is also the fact that this film is apparently a comedy; well not at any single point is it ever funny. As the main plot and all the various subplots develop the film sinks to increasingly low depths of moral depravity, and it may be the case that Hollywood is actually as repulsive as this, but despite the seeming low opinion the makers have of the viewers here, it is a world I would strongly recommend any film viewer with even a minute level of morals stays well away from.

A film whose own ideologies are as hideous and vile as those of the characters within it; Entourage: The Movie is a genuinely abhorrent film to be avoided by anyone who has an ounce of decency or indeed respect for their fellow humans.


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