non reviewed 2015 - 1

I try to watch as many films as possible, but there were so many new releases that I watched this year that never got round to actually reviewing. This may be because I simply did not have time, there was nothing worthwhile to actually say about some of them or I was quite frankly not willing to waste any more of my time after using up a good two hours that I will never be able to get back.

Just because I did not review them it does not necessarily mean I would not give them a good mark or recommend them. Well, occasionally it means this anyway. It is often the case that these are films I would just class as ‘alright’, but putting together any kind of extensive review would be hard work as there isn’t that much I could find to say.

Here is the list of the new releases I watched but did not review, a sentence to sum up my thoughts and my mark out of ten. Some were theatrically released in 2014, but their retail release was 2015 and so had I reviewed them, they would have been posts in 2015.

I have decided to put them in order of worst to best, feel free to say if you disagree with me, as I expect many will.



non reviewed 2015 - 2

A big, steaming pile of nothing.


Pro All-star Wrestlers Vs Zombies

The title says all you need to know about this film.


Insidious 3

The last one was irritating, this was just plain dull.



A Dyer low budget gangster film that reminds us that Danny should stay in the Queen Vic!



Yet another dull remake proving that the originals should be left well alone.


Woman in Black: Angel of Death

A lame and dull sequel that considering how the lame original film was, no one wanted anyway.


Dying of the Light

Typical straight to DVD Cage Rage.


Pay the Ghost


non reviewed 2015 - 3

More typical Nic Cage straight to DVD nonsense again; this time a poorly written, deeply flawed and dull ‘horror’ film.


The Burning

A 100 minute tourist video of a rainforest; beautifully filmed, but minimal substance or engagement.



The first was passable, this was very dull and a total, disjointed mess.


The Giver

Yet another forgettable addition to the Young Adult based-on-a-book bandwagon that fails to do much with a potentially interesting premise.


Fighting Demons

Sean Bean keeps this lame televisual drama just about watchable.


Diary of a Teenage Girl

Some good performances and the film creates an authentic sense of the era it is set in, but a story that really doesn’t go anywhere.


Life of Crime

An entertaining enough light-hearted caper, but script and performances are nowhere near sharp enough for it to be any more than just about watchable.



Nowhere near up there with the better animated films, but still generates enough laughs and warmth to an entertaining ride.


The Wedding Ringer

Kevin Hart is surprisingly likeable in a film that surprisingly provides some decent laughs.


The Voices


non reviewed 2015 - 4

Could have been a great film, and though it is watchable and brings the occasional laugh, but despite a decent leading performance, never really works on any level.


White Bird in a Blizzard

A very, very strange film, but quite good fun.



The true story may be an impressive and interesting feat, but the unlikeable and hypocritical protagonist is almost impossible to route for.


The Homesman

A western with stunning visuals and cerates authentic mood, but is too long, disjointed and aware of itself.


Big Eyes

Very watchable, but fails to really capture the imagination or any true engagement.



Though nowhere near Michael Mann’s best, a decent enough thriller with enough raw violence and thrills to be a watchable film.



Considering the subject matter, nowhere near as interesting as it should have been but still a decent thriller.


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Beautifully shot and a very effective use of music, but total style over substance with the cat being the only character with any development.


While we’re Young

An exploration in bitterness and human flaws in typical Noah Baumbach fashion, but despite some decent performances lacks the razor sharp observation and biting humour of his better efforts. Still a decent watch though.



Some interesting ideas and while most certainly watchable, has a narrative that is all over the place with the most memorable thing being Hugh Jackman’s mullet.


Salt of the Earth

A beautifully put together and engaging documentary.


Second Coming

A deeply engaging, raw and original take on a familiar story that, though not perfect, is haunting viewing.


Black Coal, Thin Ice

non reviewed 2015 - 5

An intriguing thriller with an effectively brooding and moody atmosphere.


Big Hero 6

An enjoyable and energetic romp, though the story is a little bit too straight forward for it to be truly memorable it has enough laughs, heart and action.


The Drop

A solid, well made and acted gangster thriller


The Goob

An engaging low budget British film that is intentionally very rough around the edges, but engaging and often genuinely intense.


The Congress

A film of two halves that contains some interesting ideas, unforgettable visuals but no storytelling discipline whatsoever.


My Old Lady

Takes some surprisingly darker themes and developments than your average grey pound crowd pleaser, but is all the more engaging for it.


By Our Selves


non reviewed 2015 - 6

A unique and extremely interesting (sot of) documentary.


Man Up

Smarter than your average rom-com and a reminder that Simon Pegg can still be funny.


God’s Pocket

An often darkly hilarious off-beat drama featuring one of Hoffman’s last great performances.


The Face of an Angel

Despite some slight flaws and plot elements that don’t go anywhere, is an interesting and haunting psychological thriller that poses more questions than it could ever answer.


It Follows

A superbly original psychological horror film that goes for subtlety and intelligence over the cheap and lame scares that most go for these days.



A very well made and engaging documentary that proves to be a profound 21st century tragedy, but lacks the true emotional gut punch that it should have done.




non reviewed 2015 - 7

Though a little baggy at times, a wonderfully engaging film that is not only a fitting homage to the French New Wave but takes on many pertinent and relevant themes and ideas.


Life After Beth

A film filled with hilarious off-beat humour and some great performances.


A Most Violent Year

A handsomely made and superbly acted crime thriller that engages from start to finish.


What we do in the Shadows

A surprisingly hilarious mockumentary, gets far more laughs out of a tried and tested concept and subject matter then it ever deserves to.



A visually stunning and deeply intriguing psychological thriller that demands repeat viewings.


A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

Many will hate it, but those looking for something a little different will find many great visual, hilarious and discussion-provoking pleasures.



non reviewed 2015 - 8

Stunning visuals forming a deeply effective juxtaposition with the unconventional narrative’s themes and many subplots; an engaging and haunting film.


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