blood creek

Starring: Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell, Michael Fassbender

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Originally made in 2009, but shelved and then released here straight to DVD in 2011 to capitalise on Cavill and Fassbender’s rise (sounds ominous doesn’t it?) Blood Creek could even be accused of starting the current trend of Nazi zombie films. I hope Joel Schumacher is proud of himself! I was going to confess that I bought this from Poundland (yes for £1) but I personally thought it was quite a shrewd investment. Set in modern day West Virginia Blood Creek tells the story of Evan Marshall (Cavill) a paramedic whose brother Victor (Purcell) mysteriously disappeared several years ago. When Victor suddenly reappears one night he tells Evan to pack the rifles, Evan asks no questions (!) and does so and the two of them seemingly go on a mission to get revenge on those that captured Victor. As we had learned in quite a long monochrome prologue, in 1936 a family was visited by Nazi Professor Richard Wirth (Fassbender – Yes!) who specialises in the occult and experimenting on reincarnation. It turns out that Wirth has been experimenting all these years on individuals and soaking up their life to keep him alive, and Evan was the one that managed to escape. Now they must somehow kill this Nazi mega zombie before he manages to become powerful enough to be completely indestructible and probably try to take over the world or something. Also he can bring the dead back to life to fight for him so that should prove quite a challenge!

Still reading? I am impressed. Well as much of a cheap nasty B movie as that sounds, and yes of course that is exactly what it is, I have seen far, far worse. Blood Creek is pure come-in-from-the-pub-while-eating-a-takeaway-stuff, but is admittedly tremendous fun. This film must have had a substantial budget and that is what probably makes it so outrageously entertaining as admittedly there are no lulls in the pace and the increasingly gory (and even more increasingly silly) action does not really stop. To criticise this film for defying logic would be like criticising Richard Curtis for his films being predictable and cheesy. Joel Schumacher was obviously having fun making this film and it never takes itself seriously at all (thank god).

This is daft, gory fun and the decent action along with half decent turns from Cavill and Purcell make this a lot more watchable then anyone would ever believe. Fassbender hams it up perfectly complete with German accent and makes a great Nazi zombie hybrid type thing. If you want some gore, laughs and action served up in equal measure then Blood Creek is one of the better B movies out there. There are a lot of Nazi zombie films around these days but due to its budget and some decent actors this is probably the best of them.


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1 Response to BURFORD BACK IN TIME: BLOOD CREEK (Joel Schumacher, 2009)

  1. Cameron says:

    How come I’ve never heard of it?! A Nazi zombie by JOEL SCHUMACHER!! I’ve SO got to see this! This is a really good review.

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