RIDE ALONG 2 (Tim Story, 2016) 1/10


Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Benjamin Bratt

Genre: Action/ Comedy

Though on the verge of graduating to become a police officer, Ben Barber (Hart) still dreams of becoming a detective like his soon-to-be brother in law James (Cube). To prove just how useless Ben will be as a detective, James takes him to Miami to follow up a lead connected to a drug ring, and of course all hilarity ensues.

If we ever needed confirmation of the depressing fact that we are all aware of that the film industry cares more about money than artistic integrity, then the fact that Ride Along 2 exists is confirmation of that. The 2014 film was abysmal (review) and universally slated, yet due to the general stupidity of the general public it made money, and of course if a film makes money, then a sequel will happen!

Well, here is the sequel, and it is just as irritatingly rubbish as the first film. Action comedies, in particular buddie movies, were big in the 80s, and can work even now if written and acted well, but it is quite clear from the start that no one cares about that in Ride Along 2. Unfortunately they stick to the same formula as the first film in that they do not care about artistic integrity or creativity, or basically any of the key aspects as to why film exists as a medium; Ride Along 2 is apparently an ‘action comedy’ (it has a blatant lack of both of these things) and is just a conveyor belt product of the most cynical nature. This is filmmaking (though that term should be used VERY loosely) of the nastiest order, as Ride Along 2 is essentially made by money grabbing, over paid executives who I am sure wear expensive suits.

Anyone with half a brain could write or direct Ride Along 2: the plot is hideously generic and follows a very lazy structure, while the supposed comedy is just total lowest-common-denominator humour, but with a 12A limit, just not to make sure everyone is allowed to see this drivel at the cinema. In fact, this film almost works as a spoof on the film industry as the dialogue and supposed ‘humour’ are so bad that it is almost impossible not to laugh AT the film! The film’s lazy, generic plot almost serves as a satirical commentary on all that is needed to write a box office hit these days.

The performances too are just as lazy; Kevin Hart is still highly annoying, but even he is less hyper and screechy than usual, meanwhile Ice Cube once again proves that he has such limited range as an actor. I of course use the word actor loosely as while he was hilarious in 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, there he got to play the slightly manic, swear-happy role (i.e.; himself), but once again he has to play the straight role, and his expressions and dialogue delivery are all wrong, proving that he really is not an actor. The supporting cast of Benjamin Bratt, Olivia Munn and Bruce McGill all look bored and just wanting to pick up their (undoubtedly very generous) cheques.

For the entirety of the film’s 102 minutes there is a distinct lack of creativity or effort; every plot point and supposed joke can be seen way before it happens. Ride Along 2 will deeply insult the intelligence of even slightly sentient viewers, while those with half a brain may well lose faith in the medium entirely after this horrific experience.

Stupid cinema for stupid people; Ride Along 2 is both deeply cynical and lazy. This films mere existence is a deep, insufferable insult to intelligent film fans everywhere. However, due to there being a lot of stupid people I am sure it will make money and Ride Along 3 is a possibility.


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